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i’m going to FUCKING die

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silkyowl replied to your video “FACT: I have always been completely unattracted to Lee Taemin and then…”

is he singing live? or is more about the dancing

Nah, he’s not singing live there. His company, SM Entertainment, has this weird thing where they make their artists lipsync for the first week of promotions. It can be annoying, and a lot of the artists hate it, but it does give them a chance to put all their energy into the choreography/performance. 

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Last night i had probably the best foundation/contour/eyebrow situation of my entire life. Sigh.

Last night i had probably the best foundation/contour/eyebrow situation of my entire life. Sigh.

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Where do you girls find the cute little gems of jewelry you wear on your faces?

hey sweet anon
we get them at Tiger, they have these huge sheets of them in all kinds of colors!! i love them. i keep finding them everywhere now. yesterday i was about to take a shower and there was a pink one stuck to my boob.

would def recommend, makes ur face very fancy

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ALSO!!!! PRETTY BOY!!!! God, this look is amazing. The mesh shirt and the leather jacket, yasss. And the chorus to this song is so cool, i love it.

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FACT: I have always been completely unattracted to Lee Taemin and then Ace happened and now I’ve 100% lost my mind. 

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forever-hyung replied to your post “I reeeeeeeally wishhhhh”

D.E.B.S. is all I can recommend. I wish there were more too. :(

omg i am so downloading that movie though

"Plaid-skirted schoolgirls are groomed by a secret government agency to become the newest members of the elite national-defense group, D.E.B.S.!"

hahaha OKAY

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dongyoungbaby replied to your post “I reeeeeeeally wishhhhh”

Truuuu. Like being queer doesn’t have to be angsty can’t we just have a cheesy ass romcom about two girls

EXACTLY yes. pls. 

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▶ I reeeeeeeally wishhhhh

that there were some queer girl movies out there that were just like. positive. not about it being so HARD being queer and just PAIN all the time and people judging you and hating you and people dying and families being torn apart and stuff. 

i mean, brokeback mountain and boys don’t cry and movies like that, with a painful message, are so important and significant, and those stories have to be to told, but.

i just

wish there were romances and comedies and shit about girls meeting and dating and falling in love and having best friends and being funny and livin life. 

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thetrainback replied to your photoset “And okay SORRY but last night I did my makeup PERFECTLY. I wanted to…”

Always love seeing your face and your perfect makeup pop up on my dash!

bwaaaaahhh thank u so much nicole! 

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ursaladarling replied to your post “Life stuff”

your life is so insane I love it and am pretty jealous. all I do is school and work and almost no fun. you have so much fun. give me some fun. let’s share the fun.

you seemed to have a pretty great summer, though!! I really liked seeing all of your pictures, and what you were doing. also, you are looking too fucking good lately, omg. I like ur new glasses!!

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And okay SORRY but last night I did my makeup PERFECTLY. I wanted to be all glitter goth, and I succeeded! I was wearing a floor length black dress and black boots and black jewels on my face, and it was amazing.

Naked 2 pallette + MAC black eyeliner pencil + MAC mineralize eyeshadow in Cinderella + some glitter liner my mom brought back from Spain

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▶ Life stuff

  • I’m gonna try to move to Copenhagen in a few weeks. I’m going to meet Eva and do something new and be stupid.
  • Lately I’ve been drinking a bunch of beer and eating a lot of pizza and I feel like I’m gaining weight again but I don’t mind it.
  • My brother visited a while ago and it was perfect and I love him. He met all my friends and they loved him and he loved them and he’s gonna come here again soon.
  • The kids from work and I have gone out together for the past few weekends. (i love them so much i wanna die)
  • Once for Menningarnótt (Jón stole a chair and brought it to my apartment, we played ‘I never’ a LOT, then fell into bed together and hugged for like half an hour, then we ran through the streets shouting and kissing, finished an entire bottle of tequila and went to a queer club and sang along to Mariah Carey)
  • Once we met up here (my apartment is accidentally the party apartment now), did our makeup together and the boys put on mascara and glitter and eyeliner and then we all went out and danced all night
  • This weekend the girls and I got ready here and drank champagne, listened to 50 Cent and put on makeup. Then later on we stared at a cute tattooed bartender, drank like 15 shots and ended the night being mean to boys at a rock bar. Good.
  • Recently I have bought a lot of clothes from thrift shops. Last week I went to Spúútnik’s kilo sale and bought a dress and a jacket! The week before that I bought a coat, a shirt, a dress and a t-shirt. I have to take pictures of them soon, I like all of it.
  • I bought MAC’s Diva lipstick a while ago and it’s SO PERFECT???? I feel like most of my friends have it too, and I’m not suprised because it’s soooo beautiful. I love the way I look with it on. And everyone, basically.
  • This week I’ve watched sooo many Korean films. I watched Ahjussi, Sunny, The Chaser, and 200 Pound Beauty. The last one I watched was You Are My Pet and to my surprise I suddenly understood why everyone has a thing for Jang Keun Suk?! He’s a babe. I kind of want to watch You’re Beautiful now. I also just finished downloading Miss Granny, and I watched the first episode of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho last night. I CAN’T STOP.
  • I saw a new therapist a couple of weeks ago because I felt really bad again. He was alright, but it was only the first session so I haven’t really made up my mind.

How are you guys? I feel like I haven’t talked to anyone for a long time. Come give me kisses xoxoxoxo

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Rest in Peace Go Eunbi. you will be missed

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R.I.P. Kwon Risae (1991-2014)

Goodbye, angel. We will always love you. #RIPRise

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